Quia Web – Free Shared Online Activities

Quia is, for the most part, a fee-based service. There is, however, a large selection of free games and activities that have been developed and shared by teachers. The shared activities section of the Quia website is free for teachers and students to access. The shared activities section has activities and games for students of science, math, foreign languages, English, social studies, and more. Quia provides a search option and a guide to selecting appropriate activities for your students. Most of the activities and games in the shared activities section of Quia are fairly easy to use for students to use as review and test preparation tools.

Below is a sample of a Geography game available in Quia’s shared activities.

Applications for Education
Quia’s shared activities provide good activities for students to use to review and prepare for tests. The selection of activities and games for foreign languages is fairly substantial and includes some nice activities for students just beginning to learn a foreign language. A few of the games I tried allowed for two players to compete against each other. The option of competing against a classmate can lead to students becoming more engaged in the activity than they might be if playing alone.


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