How the World’s Most Prolific Blogger Finds Material

More and more I get asked how I find enough material or time to blog as much as I do. My simple answer is that I scan more than 1,000 RSS feed items every day. But, I’m just an amateur blogger, I do it for fun, not for money (I haven’t made enough to buy a bowl of cereal).

One of the people that I have gotten some great insight from about blogging and technology is Robert Scoble. Robert Scoble is one of the technology world’s most prolific and influential bloggers. Scoble has more than 20,000 followers on Twitter and tens of thousands more read his blog or watch his videos daily. In this video shot by Center Networks at the Media Bistro Event in New York City, Robert Scoble talks about how he finds news and opinions. Scoble also discusses how new media is creating a “Worldwide Talk Show.”

Here is the video.

Implications for Education
Is Robert Scoble correct, is new media and technology creating a worldwide talk show? I think he is. The challenge for educators is to prepare our students with the skills to be active, meaningful, participants in the worldwide talk show.


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