Google Earth – Global Warming Prediction Files

Google Earth Outreach and the British Antarctic Survey have created some great KML (Google Earth) files to demonstrate and predict the future effects of global warming. The first KML file features an interactive timeline and animations showing predicted changes in temperature around the world over the next 100 years. This first KML file also features interactive icons to use to explore the effects of global warming on people in different regions of the world.

The second KML file from the British Antarctic Survey demonstrates the retreat of the Antarctic ice shelves. Upon opening this file users will be able to use a predictive timeline to see the future retreat of the ice shelves. Additionally, users can explore a series of placemarks connected to ground level images of Antarctica.

Applications for Education
Google Earth is a powerful free program for use in the classroom. There are uses for Google Earth in science, math, geography, history, and literature courses. The KML files from the British Antarctic Survey can be used in science courses to study the effects of temperature change on the environment. Teachers may want to have students compare the effects of temperature change on different regions of the world and write explanations of the differences. The KML files from the British Antarctic Survey may also be used in geography courses to have students evaluate the impact of environmental change on the economic future of the inhabitants of a region.

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