EveryScape – The Real World Online

EveryScape is a new service that intends to do what Google’s Streetview does, but better. Everyscape is trying to create a collection of high quality street level views of major cities. Right now there are only sixteen street level city tours available. The street level city tours I tried out today were quite impressive. The quality of the imagery seems better than that found on Google’s Streetview and the option of using auto tour or manual tour mode is a plus. The best feature I found on Everyscape is the option to jump right to a popular place in a city. Each Everyscape street level tour is accompanied by a list of popular places, click on a place and Everyscape takes you right to it. For example, when I visited the Everyscape page for Boston, I clicked on Fenway Park in the list of popular places and Everyscape took me right there.

Applications for Education
Everyscape could be used by teachers to take students on virtual tours of some major cities in the United States. The list of popular places that accompanies each city on Everyscape could be used as the basis for a research project about a city’s history or about urban planning.


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