New Zoho Feature – Sign-in with Google or Yahoo ID

Zoho, a superb online productivity suite that I’ve discussed a number of times, has added a new sign-in feature. As announced today on Zoho’s product blog, Zoho users can now sign-in using their Google or Yahoo ID.

Applications for Education
One of the problems of having students use online services is making sure they all remember their passwords and usernames. Zoho’s integration of Google and Yahoo ID means that students have one less set of usernames and passwords to remember. This means that students will be able to use Google’s productivity suite and Zoho’s productivity suite with the same username and password. My students are currently working on an assignment in which they are writing a travel narrative and creating an accompanying slide show. Some of my students have found that they prefer Google Docs for writing and Zoho Show for presentations. Now they can toggle between the two applications easier than before. (For my students’ sake I just wish Zoho had done this about a month earlier).


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