Free Technology For Teachers: YuduFreedom – Free and Greeen PDF Publishing

Yudu Freedom provides free hosting and web publishing of your PDF files. Yudu publishes your PDF files within minutes of uploading. Yudu does not require users to create an account, users simply have to submit their email address to receive the finished publication. Some of the other great features of Yudu are the options for quick and easy sharing of your publication. Yudu provides users with the HTML code to embed their publications into blogs or webpages. Users can also submit their publications to social bookmarking websites with one click. Finally, Yudu is carbon neutral company.

Applications for Education
Yudu is an easy and a fast way to publish and share work online. The advantages of Yudu over similar services are that Yudu is free and Yudu can be used anonymously. 21st century technology has made collage/ poster projects a thing of the past. Students can make visual depictions of the content they’re learning with any number of free computer applications and share their content on the web. Sharing on the web, particularly anonymously with Yudu, gives students a genuine global audience for their work. Students can show off the work they’re proud of to family and friends by simply sharing the link to their work on Yudu. The benefit of Yudu is that as long as they don’t put personally identifying information on their work no one will know who made it except the people the student tells.

Here is an example of a PDF I have hosted on Yudu.

Here is a short video introduction to Yudu.


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