Free Technology For Teachers: Wicked Decent Learning Live

Tonight, a nice group of super awesome teachers and bloggers got together via Skype to talk about the good things going on in technology integration and technology education. Jeff and Dan at Wicked Decent Learning put the whole thing together and will be releasing the hour long conversation as a podcast in the near future. If you’ve never listened to Wicked Decent Learning there’s no time like now to start listening.

When you listen to the podcast of tonight’s conversation, I’m the less than eloquent one that says “Yankees suck” toward the end of the show. The rest of conversation was great. One of the highlights of the conversation for me was Jim Burke talking about his work with a middle school on creating iMovies about World War One. Mark and Harold talked about their work using technology in non-traditional school settings which offered some insight as to the commonality of technology’s role in education. Jen discussed not only her work in education, but also her upcoming work with medical professionals using web 2.0 applications.

Overall, the Wicked Decent Learning Live experience was great. If you’re interested in learning more about the podcasts or possibly joining a Skype conference in the future (Jeff and Dan have made no promises of a future conference) check out the podcasts and visit the website.


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