Free Technology For Teachers: Wired Safety (and the power of Twitter)

Lately, amongst the people I follow on Twitter (follow me here) there has a been a discussion about how Twitter can become a part of your professional learning community. Today, as proof that Twitter can be used for a professional learning community, I’m sharing with you Wired Safety which I learned about through the network of people I follow on Twitter.

Wired Safety is a great resource for parents, teachers, and students looking for information about all aspects of online safety. Wired Safety has great advice about Internet safety for students, but also has some great information about general Internet safety including information about avoiding spyware and malware. Wired Safety has a section about fraud detection and what to do if you detect a fraud or phishing scheme.

Applications for Education
Wired Safety has a great page with lesson plans and classroom activities for teachers. The teacher page activities include lessons and videos about cyberbullying and social networking safety. The teacher page includes more than just Internet safety lesson plans, it also includes some great lessons, videos, and slide shows about using technology in the classroom. The activity that I will be using next week before my students start their next research assignment is the Evaluating Information activity. My students did an activity like this earlier in the school year, but it’s a short lesson worth repeating a couple of times a year.


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