Free Technology For Teachers: Live News Cameras

Live News Cameras is an interesting way to find television news from around the United States and the world. Live News Cameras is a website on which users can find television stations and watch their news broadcasts. At different times throughout the day Live News Cameras features a moderated streaming conversation about the news. (Note for educators, while there is a moderator bear in mind that the moderation is aimed at moderating language and defamatory comments, not overall content).

Applications for Education
Live News Cameras is a good way for teachers to show students differences in the way news stories are reported by different media outlets. Using the world news button on Live News Cameras can expose students to the differences in the way stories are reported in the United States compared to other countries. A simple assignment that would open students’ eyes to the differences in news reporting throughout the world would be to assign one story to a class then have each student choose a different television station to watch report on the story. Then the students could share with the group and compare the information they got from each station about the story.


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