Free Technology For Teachers: Super Maths World

Super Maths World is a great website of activities and games for learning and practicing mathematics skills. Super Maths World has some great interactive visual depictions of mathematics concepts. For example, the graphing section allows students to instantly see the effects of a change in the value of “x” on the slope of a line.
Super Maths World produces many games in which students can test their mathematics skills. The games appear to be flash based and have the feel of playing a “real” video game. Each game gives instant feedback and students can track their progress with the progress tracker.

Applications for Education
Super Maths World is great tool for differentiated math classrooms. The activities offered on Super Maths World are suitable for students in elementary, middle, and high school. The progress tracker is a good way for self-directed learners to measure their progress. The progress tracker and scores could also be used by teachers as a means of measuring a student’s development.


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