Free Technology For Teachers: Skoogo – Information Networking

Skoogo is a new web 2.o utility for finding and sharing academic information. Skoogo could also be described as crowd-sourced homework help. Skoogo users can ask questions or offer responses to questions asked by others. If you find someone that is particularly helpful you can add them to your network. Skoogo refers to itself as an information network not a social network, but it definitely does have elements of social networking. Users can list the courses they are taking in order to connect with other users studying the same topic. Skoogo users can search for questions and information by tag word or simply ask a question for other Skoogo users to answer.

Applications for Education
Skoogo is an interesting concept for high school students. Skoogo can be used for finding others struggling with the same topic or to find someone who can help with a problem. Students could use Skoogo to build a study network with other students studying the same content.


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