Free Technology For Teachers: Socrato – Test Preparation Service

Spring is here at that means it’s standardized test time in many schools across the country. Socrato is a new website designed to help students prepare for standardized tests. Socrato has all of the features you might expect in a test preparation service like test taking tips, practice tests, and results analysis. The two things that make Socrato unique are the option of creating customized practice tests and the ability to form collaborative study groups on Socrato. Socrato users can create their own study groups to prepare for a specific test. The study groups can be made private or public.

Applications for Education
Teachers can create online study groups for their students to help them prepare for a standardized test. The teacher can act as moderator of the group and be their as a resource to help students when they cannot find answers on their own. The collaborative groups are set up in a wiki style so that students can add their own questions for discussion. Students can also share their strategies for test taking. The option of uploading a customized practice test is a good resource for teachers as they know best what their students are struggling with.


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