Free Technology For Teachers: Screencast in Real Time with YuuGuu

YuuGuu is a new way to screencast and to collaborate online. YuuGuu is a client that you can download to your computer to show other YuuGuu users what you’re doing on your computer. This is useful if you’re giving someone a demonstration of an application on your computer. Rather than creating, uploading, and sharing screencast you can simply show someone what you’re doing in real time. YuuGuu is also useful for allowing multiple users to remotely edit documents, images, or video on one computer.

As of this writing only people who have YuuGuu installed on their computer will be able to see what you’re doing on your computer. YuuGuu has plans to change that. Installing YuuGuu does not open your computer up to the world, only those people that have YuuGuu installed and that you have given a PIN to will be able to see your computer. YuuGuu is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems.

Application for Educators
YuuGuu is another method of showing students how to use specific computer applications. Rather than shifting attention between an LCD projectors or Smart Boards and a computer you can simply have students watch your demonstration on the computer in front of them. YuuGuu is also a time saver as you don’t have to walk around the room to see what students are doing, you can watch them and assist them remotely from your computer.


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