Free Technology For Teachers: Art, Drawing, and Image Editing on the Fly

A.viary is a new company creating web based image creation and editing applications. I was given a beta invite to their Phoenix image editor which I played with over the weekend. Phoenix from A.viary is similar to many expensive, proprietary image editors, but Phoenix works in your web browser. With Phoenix you can upload images to edit and color or start from scratch by drawing your own image. Phoenix has a collaborative aspect which allows you to share projects over the Internet and invite others to work on with you.

Below you can see an image of my brother, Patrick, that I colored.

Applications for Educators
A.viary’s Phoenix image editor/ creator is useful tool art teachers and graphic design teachers. The collaborative aspect of Phoenix makes it useful for group projects. In the future A.viary plans to offer more products and services which you can review on the A.viary Product Blog. If you’re interested in trying out Phoenix I have three beta invites that I will give to the first three people to email me at

Here is a one minute introduction to A.viary’s products.


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