Knowtes – Build Online Flashcards

Knowtes is a new web tool for making flashcards online or offline. Knowtes users can build a deck of flashcards or browse through decks created by others. Knowtes has many decks of flashcards already made for educators to use for free. The quick search I did today returned more than twenty decks of Spanish vocabulary flashcards.

The Knowtes library of flashcards can be downloaded to use offline. This is a nice feature if you need to study, but you cannot connect to the Internet. Knowtes is built on the Adobe Air platform so you’ll have to install Adobe Air which you can do from the Knowtes website.

Applications for Educators
Knowtes is a great resource for finding or making all kinds of flashcards. The Knowtes library is full of ready to use decks of flashcards covering subjects appropriate from Kindergarten through college. The option to download a library of flashcards is the best feature of the Knowtes program. Students who have laptops can download flashcards and use them to study without having to find an Internet connection. For example, in the district where I teach every middle school student is given a laptop, but many students do not have Internet access at home. Being able to download study tools is very useful for those students.


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