A Voicethread About Voicethread

If you’re not familiar with Voicethread, you should give it a look soon. In the last year Voicethread has become a very popular web-based application among educators. Voicethread allows users to post images and comment on the image, kind of like a movie made of slide shows. That part is nothing fancy. What makes Voicethread really neat is the capability for other users to join in a conversation about the images through voice, text, or video messaging.

Below is a Voicethread about Voicethread created by Dianne Krause, check out her blog here.

Applications for Educators
Voicethread has been used by math teachers to create “how to” videos about math problems. Voicethread could be used with students to have a conversation about a wide variety of topics. My students are studying Africa right now and one group of students is planning to make a voicethread as their culminating project. Voicethread’s basic accounts are free and “upgraded” accounts are free to educators that submit some very basic proof of being a teacher. (I submitted my district email extension as proof).

Here is an example of a math teacher using Voicethread.


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