Empressr – Web Based Presentation Creation

Empressr is a fully functional, high quality, online slide show presentation creation program. Empressr does many of the things and more that the Zoho, Google, and Slide Share presentation tools do. Empressr has a couple of features that grabbed my attention today. The first feature that grabbed my attention was the option of embedding video (both static and streaming) into your slide show. Empressr’s editor feature allows users to draw, create, or edit images inside your slides. Finally, the feature I like best about Empressr is the ease with which you can share or embed a slide show compared to other online presentation creation programs.

Here is an Empressr slide show about technology integration.

Applications for Educators
Empressr and similar web based presentation creation programs are a great alternative to proprietary software like Power Point or Key Note. Empressr not only offers many more features than Power Point and Key Note, but it is also free and operates on any Internet connected computer. The ease with which video and audio can be added to an Empressr slide show is sure to impress your students and make their presentations more impressive. (And if you’re still using basic Power Point, please try something new from this century).

The web based element of Empressr is very useful for students that need to make visual aids for presentations, but do not have a computer of their own to use all the time. Students can work on their presentations from any computer connected to the Internet.


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