Free Technology For Teachers: Online Family Tree

Creating family trees is a good way to introduce younger students to genealogy, history, and timelines. It’s Our is a new free program for charting your family tree. It’s Our is very easy to use. There are pop-up menus (easily disabled) that will walk you through each step of charting your family tree. It’s Our Tree has a place to enter the email address of every person on your tree. It’s Our Tree has a mapping feature which allows you to show where in the world your family members are living or their geographic origin. Finally, the collaborative feature of It’s Our Tree means that users can involve their family members in the creation of their Family Tree.

Applications for Educators
Plotting a family tree is good way to introduce students to charting relationships (a useful skill in history courses) and creating timelines. The mapping aspect of It’s Our is a good way for students to trace their nationality(ies). The collaboration feature on It’s Our makes creating family trees a good assignments for students and parents to work together.


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