Free Technology For Teachers: How to Grow a Blog

One of the problems teachers run into when trying to get started with an academic blog is building momentum and a following for the blog. The advice I give to people just getting started with blogging for their classroom is to start small and not try to do too much at once. Just like teaching in the classroom routine and clear expectations are important. Establish a day or days when you will update your blog to get your students expecting and looking for updates. If you’re using a blog for graded assignments, it is important to establish clear expectations for participation. I have found that if I occasionally mix in a fun video to my academic blog, students are more likely to check the blog frequently for updates.

On the Blog of Proximal Development there is a lengthy article with diagrams about creating an growing blogs for use in academic settings. In the article the author uses plant diagrams to demonstrate the stages of blog growth. The author also provides some good ideas about planning to make a successful blog. Read the full article here.
Below is a sample diagram from the Blog of Proximal Development.


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