Free Technology For Teachers: Business Education

One of the most memorable assignments I had in middle school was to invent a product and “sell” it to my peers at a “trade show” in the school cafeteria. The project incorporated learning about costs of production and learning about marketing and presentation methods. (It was also extremely nerve-wracking for a shy kid). The project was a group effort in which we each had different roles. is a new website (started by a 20 something that made millions on a previous venture) that aims to have people share their ideas for products, give and receive feedback on product ideas, and eventually discuss marketing strategies for a new product. In a sense it’s a social network for product developers. Kluster has recently been invited to participate in the TED Conference which starts today.

Applications for Educators
Kluster could be used as part of a project similar that which I completed in middle school (see opening paragraph). Students can invent new products or modify existing products, present the ideas online, and receive feedback on their ideas. Examining existing products on Kluster is a useful way to teach students about product development and marketing.

Below is a video introduction to Kluster.


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