Free Technology For Teachers: Major Universities create channels on YouTube.

On the Open Culture blog Dan Colman has posted a list of ten major universities and their YouTube channels. Some of the universities have complete lecture recordings while some of the other universities have primarily promotional material. You can see the list of universities with YouTube channels by clicking here.

Application/ Implication for Educators
Take advantage of the YouTube university channels to show your college bound students the way a college course operates. On the UC Berkeley channel students will be able to watch entire classes and lectures.
Take advantage of the popularity of YouTube to connect with your students. You may not want to post the entirety of one of your classes, but posting a portion of your lectures or class discussions is a good way for you and your students to review and reflect. As I shared last week, when one of my classes created a video the engagement factor increased. Creating a YouTube account is easy, all you need is a valid email address to get started.


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