Free Tech For Teachers: We are multicolored

We Are Mulitcolored is a fun website to use to teach kids about diversity, ethnicity, and culture. It’s a simply program that works on this idea, everyone is different so express yourself with your own flag. The program works like this: Answer three short questions, the program then shows you three flags from which you can pick different elements to place on your own flag. For example I could pick the maple leaf from the Canadian Flag and the stripes from the American Flag. I remember back in grammar school I had to make a flag and a drawing to represent who I was and where I came from. It’s an activity that has stuck with me for 20 years now.

Applications for Educators
We Are Multicolored can provide teachers with a quick, but powerful teaching activity about diversity, culture, and ethnicity. In the process you’ll help students learn about and express a little bit about themselves. In the creation part of the flag making, each portion of each country’s flag is explained as you click on. This provides a little lesson about the history, culture, symbolism of each flag.


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