Free Tech For Teachers: Debunking a Podcast Myth

Everyday I speak to people about the great, free, resources available on the internet. Whenever the topic of Podcasts comes up, I almost always hear the question, “but don’t I need an Ipod to do that?” The answer is “no, you don’t need an Ipod to hear and see the contents of a Podcast.” All you need to do is download and install Itunes, for free, from All of the Podcasts on the Itunes store can be played right on your computer whether you have a PC or a Mac does not matter. The Itunes store has thousands of free podcasts that are perfect for educators. In fact, the Itunes store has a section dedicated to free podcasts for educators. So if you haven’t checked out the Itunes store or used podcasts in the past because you thought you needed an Ipod or had to pay for podcasts, check out the Itunes store today. It’s a cold winter day, what could be more fun?

Applications for Educators
Itunes has thousands of free podcasts perfect for every content area. I’ve used podcasts from “Money Girl” to teach economics concepts. I’ve also used podcasts made by “The Rest of Everest” to show students the sights and sounds of Nepal and Tibet. Itunes has many programs dedicated to foreign languages, perfect for foreign language teachers. Recently, I helped an English teacher find audio recordings of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven.”


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