The Power of AI in the Classroom: Generate Engaging Video Questions for Free!

Students laughing at a video as they watch, but are they learning anything?The digital age has brought video and sounds into the classroom like never before. But, as we all know, passive watching and listening isn’t enough. We need to ensure our students actively engage and process the content. So, how do we do that without burning a hole in our pockets?

Highly specialized tools like EdPuzzle that focus solely on media can be costly. By copying the transcripts from YouTube videos, feeding them into ChatGPT, and then prompting it to write questions for your students, you can save the expense.


ChatGPT Step-by-Step: Your Free Question Generator

  1. Video & Transcript: Choose your educational video. For platforms like YouTube, access the transcript by selecting “Transcript” under the video. (If you find a video elsewhere, download LiveTranscribe from the Google Play store and let it capture the video transcript for you.)
  2. Copy the Transcript: Highlight the text (without timestamps) and copy it.
  3. Engage ChatGPT: Head to ChatGPT, paste the transcript, and use the following prompts to generate questions for your kids..


Whether you’re eyeing multiple-choice, multi-select, fill-ins, or other question types, ChatGPT is up for the task. Here’s a quick guide on how to prompt ChatGPT for different types of questions:

  1. Multiple Choice: “Generate multiple-choice questions based on this transcript. Please include an asterisk next to the correct answer.”
  2. Multi-Select: “Can you create multi-select questions from the following content? They need to have a minimum of 5 distractors with asterisks next to the correct answers.”
  3. Fill-ins: “I’d like fill-in-the-blank questions based on this video transcript along with acceptable responses.”


You Won’t Need to Pay for Specialized Tools Anymore 😉

If you use the instructions above, you can reproduce EdPuzzle’s main strengths for free. And then, if you choose a platform like Nearpod, PearDeck, or TeacherMade to assess your students, you will have a useful and adaptable tool that can be used for many purposes in the classroom– not just a one-trick pony. And when TeacherMade releases its ChatGPT importer next month, it will do the work for you. You’ll simply  import your questions and video– and the TeacherMade platform will auto-magically make them interactive and auto-scored– wow!!! 

In education, where budgets can be tight, using the right tools can save both time and money! Nowadays, it’s tougher to find free software that’s feature-rich so it doesn’t consume your time. Your school or you may have to spend money; if so, spend wisely and get the greatest bang for your buck.


AI is Awesome and So Are You for Using It In Your Classroom

While ChatGPT is free, take advantage of it, learn to use it, and extract great teacher-made content from its collective knowledge. When you combine ChatGPT with tools like TeacherMade, you can elevate your teaching, engage your students more effectively, and do it all without stretching your budget. Dive in, explore, and let the magic of AI enhance your teaching journey.


Happy teaching! 


Watch Richard Byrne on YouTube

And for more on this topic, watch a Byrne video that explains, step-by-step, how to use Youtube video transcripts to produce questions on ChatGPT.




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