Some Free Halloween Activities from TeacherMade

It’s that scary time of year when your students are so excited about Halloween that it’s really hard to keep them focused. Each year at TeacherMade, our most popular activities– the ones that get shared thousands of times across schools and state lines– are the Halloween ones. Maybe trying to hold student attention is the reason why… ?

Please have a look and see if any might appeal to your kiddos. TeacherMade is free to sign up for a 30-day trial. And here’s the BIG NEWS– if you don’t purchase the PRO level, your account will revert to a free version that WORKS; there are only a couple of item types but the number of submissions are unlimited. So go ahead and try it out again or for the first time– it’s spooky how fast the platform has grown!


Screaming Fun 

Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos

TeacherMade Activities


FUN: Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle

Description:  Help the little ones practice their spatial reasoning and pattern recognition skills while having some Halloween fun!

Recommended Grade Range: PreK-2 

Item Types: Drag and Drops


ELA: Halloween Mad Libs

Description:  Need to review parts of speech (nouns, verbs, and adjectives) with your students? This is a fun and creative way for them to show what they know! Students will write the correct part of speech on the line to fill in the reading passage. They can get as silly or scary as they would like! They love sharing them with their peers, so it’s a great way to boost participation, too! 

Recommended Grade Range: All Grade Levels 

Item Types: Short Answer


ELA: Halloween Word Scramble

Description: On this interactivity, students will unscramble Halloween vocabulary. This is a great activity for students to work with their peers! All students love a challenge, and this worksheet definitely gives them one! 

Grade: All Grade Levels 

Item Types: Short Answer 


ELA/SS: Halloween Then and Now

Description:  Have you ever wondered where Halloween originated from? Students will read a brief passage about the History of Halloween and traditions that exist today. After, they will answer four short questions to assess their reading comprehension.

Grade: Upper Elementary, Middle 

Item Types: Short Answer, Multiple Choice  


ELA/SS: Pan de Muertos Recipe 

Description: This short reading passage and question set includes an easy recipe for Dia de Los Muertos celebrations. Beware!! It will make your students very hungry for the bread of the dead.

Grade: Sixth to Seventh Grade (but discretion is advised due to the topic)

Item Types: Short Answer, Multi-Select, True/False, Open Answer 


ELA/SS/Science: Dia de Los Muertos y Mariposas Monarca 

Description: This fascinating informational reading passage and question set introduces students to the unique Mexican day of remembrance and how monarch butterflies factor into its origins. It includes a step-by-step set of instructions for planting milkweed right now! 

Grade: High School Level

Item Types: Short Answer, Drop Down, Multi-Select, Hot Spot, True/False, Open Answer 



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