How to Use Canva’s AI Image Generator

There is no shortage of AI tools available to teachers today. Some are stand-alone and some are being built into the tools we’re already using. Canva’s AI image generator is an example of a good one being added into a tool that is already popular with teachers. 

Canva’s AI image generator is a simple text-to-image tool. Just type a description of the kind of image you need and Canva will create it for you. If you like what’s created, you can add it to your design. If you don’t like what’s created, click refresh to get a new set of AI-generated images. Watch my short video that is embedded below to learn how to use Canva’s AI image generator. 

Video – How to Use Canva’s AI Image Generator

Canva’s AI image generator could be a handy tool to use when you’ve grown tired of scrolling through images in search of the perfect one for your slideshow or other design projects. 

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