Google Introduces a New Notebook

Fourteen years after shuttering Google Notebook, Google is getting back into the online notebook business with a new tool called NotebookLM.

NotebookLM is a new product that utilizes AI to generate summaries, questions, and ideas from the Google Documents that you add into your notebook. It’s a beta product that has a waiting list. I’ve joined the waiting list and you can do the same right here

Applications for Education

Google announced NotebookLM earlier this week. Based on what I read in their press release and a couple of previews that I’ve seen floating around social media, it like NotebookLM is an expansion of some of the AI features already being added to Google Docs. It appears that NotebookLM will take those features further by creating summaries, questions, and ideas across all of the documents that you add into a section of your notebook instead of just a single document at a time.


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