When Bard is Better Than Google

Yesterday I was in charge of making dinner for my family. My plan was to make fish tacos. I’ve made them before so I knew that I needed a lime. But I wasn’t sure of all of the other ingredients that I needed. So I did what anyone in my position would do, I Googled it. 

The trouble with Googling a recipe is that the results are all websites that are littered with pop-up ads and long descriptions about why the author likes the recipe (extraneous SEO-filler). What they don’t have is a concise list of ingredients. 

After getting frustrated with the recipe websites that I was looking at, I turned to Google Bard. In Bard I entered the prompt “fish taco recipe.” The result was a concise list of ingredients followed by step-by-step directions free of pop-up ads and extraneous SEO-filler. I then exported the result to a Google Doc which I could then access on my phone while I was picking up ingredients at the grocery store.

Watch my short video below to see this example of when Bard is better than Google

Applications for Education

Obviously, my example above could be useful for those who teach cooking classes. That’s a very small percentage of the people who read this blog.

The bigger use case is as an example of when Bard (or ChatGPT) is a more efficient means of getting the information that you need. If you need a list of dates or quick facts about a topic, Bard provides that without the need to sift through a bunch of websites. While it’s good for lists, I wouldn’t recommend in lieu of reading and research when details are needed.

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