40 Free Financial Literacy Lessons for High School Students

Besides being National Poetry Month April is also National Financial Capability Month. On that note, Discovery Education and Discover offer a great resource called Pathway to Financial Success in Schools

Pathway to Financial Success in Schools offers a handful of resources for middle school use, but the bulk of the material is geared toward high school students. 

Pathway to Financial Success in Schools for high school students includes eight units of study. Each unit has five self-paced modules. The units cover the following topics:

  • Being financially responsible
  • Using financial services
  • Financing your future
  • Getting paid
  • Paying yourself first
  • Using credit wisely
  • Making major financial decisions
  • Growing and protecting your finances
Each of the modules in each unit should take students ten to fifteen minutes to complete. In my testing of the modules I found that students had to complete each part of each module in sequence in order to advance through the unit. The modules feature narrated animations (subtitles are available) followed by some questions for students to answer. 

Applications for Education
On a fairly regular basis I have friends say things to me like “why don’t high schools teach kids about managing money?” It’s a good question. And though I know some schools do offer classes about money management, I wish that more schools would do the same.


If you’re looking for some good financial literacy lessons to share with your students, these self-paced lessons are a great place to start.

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