Design a Mobile App With Google Slides

Yesterday I published a post featuring three tools for creating mobile apps. I should point out that while those tools are helpful, students still need to take time to plan what they want their apps to do and how they will look. To that end, in the past I’ve had my students use Google Slides to design their apps before they start to put their apps together. 

In an effort to make my students think about all of the menus, items, and media that their apps will need, I have my students use Google Slides to outline the design of their apps. They’re doing this by having each slide in their slideshows represent a screen in their apps. Then they use the hyperlinking function in Google Slides to link between the slides in their slideshows. Again, that’s done to simulate tapping screens in the apps they’re designing. In the following video I explain this process a bit more.


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