Tips for Managing Google Drive Folders

A couple of mornings ago a reader asked me to help her figure out how a Google Doc she didn’t remember sharing was accessed by a colleague. After ruling out that her account had been compromised I discovered that the document in question was part of a shared Google Drive folder. The document was created while she was in the shared folder and therefore it was automatically shared with everyone who had access to the folder. 

Monday’s experience prompted me to record a few short videos to explain some settings and share some tips for managing Google Drive folders. 

In An Overview of Google Drive Folder Sharing Settings I demonstrate and explain how to create a folder, how to put files into and take them out of folders, and how the permissions of a shared folder impact the permissions of the files within the folder. 

How to Color Code Google Drive Folders is a short video that shows you exactly what the title states. Color coding your Google Drive folders can make it a little easier to quickly recognize important folders like those associated with your Google Classroom.

You can share your Google Drive folders and files for set duration of time by creating an expiration date for access to them. Watch How to Set Expiration Dates for Google Drive Folders & Files to learn how to place time limits on your sharing settings.


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