How to Create a Timed Quiz in Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms recently got some new features that are helpful for teachers. One of those new features is the ability to set a time limit for completing a quiz once it has been started. This is different than the setting to automatically close a form at a given date and time. This new timed quiz option automatically closes a form based on how long it has been open on an individual viewer’s computer. Watch my new video to learn how to create a timed quiz in Microsoft Forms

Applications for Education
In the past if you wanted to create a timed quiz with Microsoft Forms you had to set specific times for the form to automatically open and close. While that worked in some situations, it wasn’t an ideal method because it didn’t account for some students needing a little more time to actually open the form on their computers and it would require you to re-open the submission period for students who were absent the first time you gave the quiz. This new timed option lets you give your quiz in a manner so that every student has an equal amount of time to complete it. (The merits or lack thereof of giving timed quizzes is a debate for another time).  

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