Two Search Refinement Tips for Every Teacher and Student

A couple of days ago I hosted a webinar for tech coaches. In the webinar I mentioned that teaching teachers just a couple of quick search refinement tips that they can pass on to students can help them stop feeling like their students are going to the same websites over and over. To that end, I shared two search refinement tips that every teacher and student should know. These two strategies will help students get beyond the usual first couple of pages of search results. Both strategies are outlined in this short video.

In the video that is embedded below I demonstrate how to refine search results according to top-level domain and why that is helpful to students. In the video I also demonstrate how to refine a search according to filetype and why that is helpful to students. In the video you’ll see how I found a great lesson plan because I used a combination of top-level domain and filetype refinement. 


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