Worldle Daily – A Street View Game

The Wordle craze seems to have settled down a bit since its height earlier this year (or at least fewer people are sharing their scores on social media). That hasn’t stopped developers from creating many variations on the game. One such variation that I recently tried is Worldle Daily

Worldle Daily is a combination of the Wordle concept and Google Street View imagery. The game is played by looking at a featured Street View image then trying to guess, by clicking on a map, where in the world that image was captured. After each guess you’re shown how far away you are from being correct. A circle covering the area in which the image was taken is also displayed after each guess. As you get closer, the circle gets smaller until you either use up all of your guesses or guess correctly. 

Here’s my short video overview of how to play Worldle Daily. 

Applications for Education

Worldle Daily is free to play and doesn’t require registration in order to play it. Playing the game could be a fun way for students to practice using the context clues in Street View imagery to identify places around the world. Likewise, it could be a fun way to discover new and interesting landmarks. For example, today’s correct answer featured a giant cowboy statue on Route 66 in Oklahoma.


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