Book Widgets Now Offers Digital Rubrics

BookWidgets is a service that I wrote about back in October. When I wrote about it then, it offered dozens of templates for creating interactive lesson activities that you can see your students complete online. Recently, BookWidgets added a new rubrics function that you can use to score your students online and offline work. 

The new BookWidgets rubrics function includes premade rubrics that you can use and templates that you can modify to create your own rubrics. The rubrics can be distributed along with any activity assignment that you give in BookWidgets. 

A few of the features of the rubrics function in BookWidgets that stood out to me were the ability to use the rubrics to give feedback with or without scores attached, an option to use emojis and symbols in your rubrics, and the ease with which you can score assignments with the rubrics. 

Using the BookWidgets rubrics is rather straight-forward. However, if you’d like to see an overview of the process, BookWidgets published the following tutorial videos. 

How to create a rubric in BookWidgets – Part 1

How to grade a rubric in BookWidgets – Part 2


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