What’s Onomatopoeia Mean? – Another Question from My Daughters

Every night my daughters (ages 4 and 5) ask us all kinds of interesting questions. Some of them are about things that I haven’t thought about in a long time. Some of them aren’t easy to answer in a way that they can understand. And some of them are a bit of both. That was case one night last week when my five-year-old asked, “what’s onomatopoeia mean?” I did my best to explain that it is a word like “moo” that is created from the sound that it makes. 

After dinner and my somewhat unsuccessful explanation of onomatopoeia, I turned to YouTube to try to find a video that might help my daughters better understand what onomatopoeia is. That’s where I found this cute and short music video about onomatopoeia. I’ll warn you, the song is kind of catchy (if you’re a five-year-old). 

On a related note, Next Vista for Learning hosts a great video explanation of onomatopoeia. The video was produced by a high school student for one of Next Vista’s many student video creation contests.


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