We’ve Got Worms! And More Questions from My Daughters

Earlier this week we had some relatively warm days and were able to do a little spring yard work. My daughters like to try to help with some of it. But like most four and five year old kids, they quickly get distracted. Such was the case when they discovered some worms under some leaves in our yard. 

One of the worms my daughters found this week was picked up by my five year old who put it in bucket. Her younger sister then named the worm Suzy. Now for the last few days they’ve been adding dirt, water, and grass into the bucket to take care of Suzy every morning and afternoon. 

Suzy has been the inspiration for a bunch of questions about worms this week. I’ve had to try to explain answers to the following:

  • What do worms eat?
  • Do worms have babies?
  • Do worms hibernate?

For a general overview of the answers to these questions, SciShow Kids has a good video lesson about worms.  

For a more specific answer about worm reproduction, take a look at this short video from the Natural History Museum

And for more about what worms eat, watch this Reactions video titled How Do Worms Turn Garbage Into Compost?


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