How to Host Online Brainstorming Sessions on Padlet

Padlet is a tool that I’ve used for well over a decade to conduct all kinds of online activities including making digital KWL charts, hosting backchannel discussions, building multimedia maps, and holding online brainstorming sessions. The “like” function is one of the aspects of Padlet that I like to use when hosting online brainstorming sessions with students. By enabling that function I can have students vote for their favorite ideas that appear on the digital wall that all students have access to write on. 

In this new video I demonstrate how to use Padlet to host online brainstorming sessions

Applications for Education

In the video above I demonstrated using Padlet to brainstorm ideas for podcast guests and voting for a favorite suggestion. That same concept could be applied to hosting brainstorming sessions about story starters, research prompts, or ideas for extracurricular club fundraisers.

On a related note, sometimes the terms brainstorming and mind mapping get used interchangeably. As I wrote last summer, there is a difference between the two activities.


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