Eclecticism – Some Good Weekend Reading

It’s the weekend, it’s spring (in the northern hemisphere), and that means some of you will be looking through job listings in hopes of finding a new position for the next school year. Others of you may just be looking for something fun to read this weekend. In either case, head over to Terry Freedman’s new Substack project titled Eclecticism

On Eclecticism Terry writes about a mix of practical things like what to do at a job interview for a teaching or school administrative position and lighter things like the language barrier between two native English speakers

I’ve been reading Terry’s new Substack articles for a week now and have thoroughly enjoyed all off them. The one about teaching in a prison led to a nice conversation with Terry about our respective experiences. And his articles about evaluating job descriptions and what to do at a job interview take a slightly unconventional approach to those topics that can only be shared by someone who has extensive experience with both. If you’re job hunting this spring, read his advice.

Full disclosure: Eclecticism has a mix of articles that are publicly available and some that are only available to subscribers. Terry gave me a subscription. I believe that all of the articles I mentioned in this blog post are publicly available for free. 


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