Spaghetti Trees and the History of April Fools’ Day

This Friday is April Fools’ Day. It’s a day that I’ve always enjoyed a little bit at home and at school. I’ve always enjoyed the various pranks and jokes that my students tried over the years. Where did the tradition of April Fools’ Day pranks begin? If you’ve ever wondered about that or you want to be ready to answer that question from your students, here are a few short video explanations. 

Mystery Doug is a talking dog who answers questions from kids, he offers a short explanation In Why Do We Celebrate April Fool’s Day?

Learn About April Fool’s
is a short explanation from WatchMoJo that was published ten years ago and is still good.

Perhaps the greatest April Fools’ prank of all is the classic Spaghetti Tree hoax broadcasted by the BBC back in 1957. Here’s a little interview with one of the producers of that hoax.


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