How to Use Google Slides in Canva

This is an update to a blog post that I published a couple of weeks ago about the same topic. In that blog post I outlined how to use PowerPoint and Google Slides in Canva. I’ve since learned a couple of things that warrant publishing an update. 

First, a lot of Google Slides users ignored my previous blog post on this topic because I led with “PowerPoint.”  Second, the feature to import slides into Canva is still a beta feature. Being a beta feature it might not be available in all accounts, yet. It also has a file size limitation of 50MB. All that said, here’s my new video about how to use Google Slides in Canva

Applications for Education

Canva is one of my favorite tools for creating short video lessons with your existing slides. The process is less clunky than using a screen recording tool to capture your slides as you explain the key points on them. If you’re a Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Keynote user who has ignored Canva’s recording tool because you didn’t want to have to recreate your slides, the method that I demonstrated in the video above is for you.


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