How to Manage Browser Pop-ups – Not All of Them Are Bad

Yesterday morning I answered a question from a reader who was having a little trouble accessing the sharing function on a website. From the description she gave me, the solution was to enable to pop-ups for that particular website. I sent her a screenshot of how to enable pop-ups and then created this short demonstration video.

In the following video I demonstrate how to change pop-up settings in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

The default setting in most browsers these days is to automatically block all pop-up windows. That’s generally a good thing. However, there are times when pop-ups are necessary. For example, some websites’ sharing menus (like mine) utilize pop-ups for sharing blog posts to social media sites. Some websites’ log-in screens utilize pop-ups as well. So if you’re experiencing problems with a site not working exactly as you expected, try enabling pop-ups for just that site and see if the problem is resolved.


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