How I Created Outdoor Bingo Boards

In this week’s Practical Ed Tech Newsletter I highlighted some templates for creating in-person educational games. One of the templates that I featured was Flippity’s updated bingo board template. The updated template doesn’t require you to use a spreadsheet in order to create your bingo board. The removal of the spreadsheet requirement makes it easier and faster than ever to create a custom set of bingo boards to use in your classroom. 

In this short video I demonstrate how I used Flippity’s bingo board template to create a set of bingo boards in which students have to find things like acorns, pinecones, and flower petals. 

Applications for Education

As the weather begins to warm (in northern climates) spring is in the air and students will want to go outside. Create a set of outdoor bingo boards to connect some outside time to a lesson about seasons of the year. For example, if students have a hard time finding brown leaves or acorns in the spring, it could be a good opportunity to explain why those things are easier to find in the fall.


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