A Short Overview of Library of Congress Digital Collections

I reference the Library of Congress nearly every time that I talk or write about searching for historical maps and images. If you know where to look on LOC.gov and how to filter a search, you can find some amazing resources to use in all kinds of history lessons including overlaying historical maps onto current views in Google Earth. The challenge is wading through all of the information on the Library of Congress’s website to find what you want. While the site has gotten remarkably easier to use in recent years, students can still benefit from being shown where to look for historical images and maps on LOC.gov. 

In this new video I provide a short overview of the two places on the Library of Congress’s website that I recommend students search and browse to find images and maps that they can use and reuse. 

On a related note, the National Jukebox is a great place to find historical music recordings to use in your history lessons. An overview of that resource is provided in this short video.


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