A Better Way to Update Charts in Google Slides and Docs

Google Forms provides handy charts and graphs summarizing responses to the questions within your form. Those charts and graphs can be embedded into Google Slides, Google Docs, and Google Drawings. This week Google made it easier to make sure you have the latest version of those embedded charts and graphs in your Slides, Docs, or Drawings. 

Until this week if your chart was updated in Google Forms after you had embedded it into a slide or document, you would have to remove the old chart then insert the new version to make sure the most current information was displayed. Now you only need to hit a “refresh” button in the embedded chart in order to have the latest version of the chart displayed. Watch my short video below of a complete demonstration and explanation of how this works. 

Applications for Education

As I mentioned in the video above, I can see this update being helpful when you’re showing a chart of responses to a class and want to make sure the latest version is displayed without having to show the rest of the form responses to the class. For example, if I’d use this feature if I wanted to show a chart of how the whole class did on the third question of a quiz without showing them the rest of the quiz response summaries.

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