What is a MAC Address? – Here’s a Concise Explanation

PowerCert Animated Videos offer clear and concise explanations of big concepts in computer hardware and networking. I referred to them fairly often when I was teaching an introduction to networking course last year. 

The latest PowerCert video is MAC Address Explained. As the title states, the video explains what a MAC address is, how it’s written, where to find it, and its role in networking. The video also does a great job of explaining the key difference between MAC addresses and IP addresses. Finally, a quick explanation of ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) ties the key concepts of the video together. 

Applications for Education

Most readers of this blog will never need to know what MAC address is or how it fits into the networking process. However, it is nice to know and can helpful to know how to locate it if your IT administrator ever asks for it.

If you do teach networking, this video is one to bookmark and perhaps use as a review resource or video-based lesson in a tool like Edpuzzle.


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