Now You Can Schedule Exit Tickets in Ziplet

Ziplet is one of my favorite tools for hosting online exit ticket activities. There are two features of it that make it great in my book. The first is a large catalog of interesting, premade questions that you can select and use in your activities. Second, Ziplet lets you toggle between having students respond anonymously or with their real names. Furthermore, you can reply to individual students even when they are participating in a group activity. 

Ziplet recently added another helpful feature for teachers. That feature, as stated in the title of the post, is the ability to schedule your exit ticket questions to appear on a future date and time. Additionally, those who subscribe to Ziplet’s paid plan (I don’t) can schedule their exit tickets to appear on a repeating schedule. 

Applications for Education

new scheduling feature could prove to be helpful in making for a smooth closing activity for a class. Instead of having to scramble to get an exit ticket posted I can schedule it at the beginning of the day or even the beginning of the week and have it appear at the end of class.

Learn more about Ziplet by watching this short video overview of how it works.


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