New Spaces Digital Portfolio Features

Spaces is a digital portfolio tool that I first covered around this time last year. Since then it has steadily grown in popularity. As it has grown in popularity it has steadily responded to teachers’ feedback and suggestions for improvement. The latest example of that is found in the latest batch of updates. 

In the latest batch of updates Spaces has increased the number of media files that you can attach to a post. The previous limit was three and now it is ten. Two other significant updates are the ability to add private comments to posts to in group Spaces (portfolios) and the ability to review and publish students’ submissions to group Spaces. You can read more about all of the updates right here on the Spaces product roadmap site

Applications for Education

One of the features of Spaces that I have liked from the start is the “asynchronous breakout room” functionality. This allows your students to work together on collaborative projects and also participate in whole-class activities. Learn more about that aspect of Spaces in this blog post.

Learn how to get started with Spaces by watching the following videos.

How to create digital portfolios with Spaces – Part 1

How to create digital portfolios with Spaces – Part 2


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