Consider This Tech Tuesday Planned! – And the Next One and the Next One…

I’m clearly not good at self-promotion otherwise I wouldn’t have released an ebook right before the winter break when most people aren’t thinking about everything but professional learning opportunities. But I did it anyway. So if you missed it in the last couple weeks of December, my new ebook is titled 50 Tech Tuesday Tips and you can get it right here

To create 50 Tech Tuesday Tips I went through more than 400 editions of my Practical Ed Tech Newsletter and picked out the 50 most popular and useful ones. I then did some editing and put all of them into one new ebook. Watch this video to see some of the highlights of the ebook including:

  • What to do when a web app isn’t working as you expect.
  • Building your own search engine.
  • How to create green screen videos.
  • Improving instructional videos. 
  • Streamlining email management.
  • Creating educational games. 
  • DIY app creation.
  • Podcasting tips for teachers and students. 

Get your copy of 50 Tech Tuesday Tips right here!

No, this ebook isn’t free but the tools that feature within it is free to use. Creating something like this takes many, many hours but reading it can save you many, many hours. Purchases of 50 Tech Tuesday Tips make it possible for me to create other free resources like The Practical Ed Tech Handbook that I update and give away to thousands of teachers every year.


Thank You Readers for 14 Amazing Years!