Why is Snow White?

On my phone I keep a list of questions that my daughters (ages 4 and 5) ask me. The questions are about things that I haven’t thought about for a long time, if ever. For example, last week my youngest asked me why snow is white. If you have kids who are wondering about the same thing, take a look at the following short videos that I watched in an attempt to better explain to my daughters why snow is white. 

For Elementary School

Why is Snow White? produced by It’s AumSum Time has the most kid-friendly explanation of why snow is white of the three videos I’ve included in this blog post.

For middle school and high school.

The Weather Channel offers this one minute explanation of why snow is white. The video does a good job of succinctly explaining how snow crystals reflect all colors which makes snow white. 

This Week I Found Out produced a little longer explanation of why snow is white and in the process also explained why polar bears are white despite the fact that their fur is clear.


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